Fall Protection: Equipment and Safe Practices SS1118IE (11 Min.)

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PFAS must limit the maximum arresting force on a worker to 1,800 pounds when used with a body harness.
Personal fall arrest systems should bring a worker to a complete stop and limit the maximum deceleration distance a worker travels to how many feet?
OSHA says personal fall arrest systems, when stopping a fall, shall be rigged such that an employee can free fall more than how many feet?
During a PFAS inspection, look for worn, damaged or defective components.
If you have any concerns over the safety of your PFAS system you should
For work, only use industrial full-body harnesses, and never use a recreational climbing harnesses.
All safety belt and lanyard hardware, except rivets, shall be capable of withstanding a tensile loading of how many pounds without cracking, breaking, or taking a permanent deformation?
Wash your harness with normal laundry is a normal practice.