Pre-Shift Walk Around Inspection: Backhoes SSC017EE

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You should separate the backhoe into 4 quadrants when inspecting the backhoe.
If not everything checks out, all damage or concerns should be noted on the walk around form and the form should be turned into maintenance before using the equipment.
In order to ensure consistency, you should perform the inspection the same way every time.
It is important to always have ____ points of contact when entering or exiting the vehicle.
When doing an inspection, it is normal for puddles of oil or other fluids underneath the equipment to be visible and don’t need to be recorded.
If you every have any questions about proper inspection of a backhoe it is always important to go to your supervisor with them.
If your seat or seatbelt is not working correctly, there is no need to note this problem on the form since it isn’t a main hazard or concern.
The manual for the equipment does not need to be kept inside the cab.